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All on us Catering Scotland Contract Catering

We can offer private dining to all areas throughout Scotland using locally sourced ingredients, Below are a couple of 4 and 5 star self catering venues we are licensed to provide our Contract Catering Services to.. Offering Wedding Catering, Wedding Buffets, Bespoke Buffets, Waiting Service and all other catering requested 

View of the stunning Old Kilmun House

Ormidale House Estate, Glendaruel, offers us the amazing opportunity at Ormidale to provide some of the finest names in Scotland. Ale from Fyne Ales, Venison from Winston Churchill Venison, seafood from Loch Fyne Oyster Company and Malts from the many distilleries in the area.  Whether you are after a home cooked country meal or opt to go for our very finest dishes we pride ourselves on sourcing as local to your area as we can. If you have booked at Ormidale you can contact us for catering through the Estate managers or contact us directly through our links.

Summer at Ormidale estate

Old Kilmun House near Dunoon always allow us to use the finest of the area. Its always a pleasure to visit and cook here as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver used it whilst touring West Scotland. You  are able to book directly through our links or through Old Kilmun House itself for your private parties.

We are also an approved supplier of our catering services to departments operated by The Scottish Government.